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    In the beginning of 1996, I've had my first professional contact with computers. Specifically with Digital Photography, working with programs like Photoshop and Corel Photo-Paint.  As being a contemporary fine artist, photographer and photography professor, I felt the necessity of follow the evolution of the new times. Then I started searching digital photography, working with digital camera Kodak DC25, which resulted in my first exhibition.

    Last December (1996) I started working with 3D programs (Extreme 3D and Bryce 3D), which are specific to work with three-dimensional images in computers. I use these resources in a non-conventional way. They allowed me to make art in a new and instigating manner. My technique includes painting, drawing and photography used together, in a whole. The resulting works are what I call Digital Engraving, because their production is in some way analogous to the other engraving methods. To be specific about, I can make as many copies as I want to through a laser printer. All identical and of the same quality. In terms of content, I think my engravings speak by themselves.

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Name: Valter Araújo França
Born in: Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais/Brazil
Profession: photography teacher, photographer, fine artist. web designer.
Education: Fine Arts in Guignard Scool - University of State of Minas Gerais.
Photography Specialist / professor


School Guignard: São Paulo Art Bienal in Debat Seminar- 1987.
Winter Festival of UFMG - Deconditionning of the Look - w/ photographer Claúdio Feijó/1988.
Winter Festival of UFMG - Audio-visual w/ photographer George Helt/1988.
Winter Festival of UFMG - Polaroid course w/ photographer Claúdio Feijó/1991.
Winter Festival of UFMG - Workshop of Digital photography w/ teacher Fadon/1994.
Guignard School - Workshop of photography w/ german artist Kurt Buchwald - 1995.


Fine Artist since 1971.
Assistent of photography at Guignard School from 1989 to 1991.
Free Lance Professional Photographer from 1988 to the present time.
Photography Teacher at Guignard School (UEMG University) from 1993 to 1997.
at Sesiminas from january to july, 1995.
at Famih (Izabela Hendrix Metodist University) from 1994 to 1995.
at Abaporu School from 1997 to the present time.


Palácio dos Leilões - Spring Auction - aquarela/1987/BH/MG/Brazil
IV Air-Force Gallery exhibition - Photography / 1989/BH/MG/Brazil
Palácio da Artes - Path of the Talent  - Photography   /1988/BH/MG/Brazil
Vicente de Abreu Gallery - Guignard School - sculptures and photography /1989/BH/MG/Brazil
V Air-Force Gallery - sculpture - MAM - 1990/BH/MG/Brazil
Guignard Shool - Inside exhibitions - sculpture -honor mention - 1989/BH/MG/Brazil
Gallery Vicente de Abreu - Guignard School - sculpture - ceramic - 1990/BH/MG/Brazil
Gallery of Caixa Econômica Federal - sculpture - 1990/BH/MG/Brazil
Gallery of Palácio das Artes - col.  photographers - 1990/BH/MG/Brazil
22 National Gallery of Art - MAM - photography - 1990/BH/MG/Brazil
Gallery of Telemig - sculpture - 1991/BH/MG/Brazil
Gallery Vicent de Abreu - Guignard School - photography - 1991/BH/MG/Brazil
Palácio das Artes - Gallery Genesco Murta - col... photographer - 1991/BH/MG/Brazil
Palácio das Artes - Collective Comtemporary Utopias - sculpture - 1992/BH/MG/Brazil
Palácio das Artes - Gallery Arlinda Côrrea - collective photography - 1992/BH/MG/Brazil
Gallery of Sabará Theater; - collective of ASAP - 1993/Sabará/MG/Brazil
Gallery Ana Horta - Culture Center - UFMG - photography - 1993/BH/MG/Brazil
Gallery of Theatre Sabará - collective of ASAP - 1994/Sabará/MG/Brazil
Guignard School - UEMGE - video production - Miró Obra Gráfica - 1995/BH/MG/Brazil
Fundação Belgo Mineira - collective ASAP - 1996/Sabará/MG/Brazil
Guignard School - UEMGE - teachers exhibition - 1996/BH/MG/Brazil
Abaporu School - photography and curator w/ Photographer George Helt - 100 years Belo Horizonte city - 1997/BH/MG/Brazil
Museu do Ouro - Sabará:Digital Fragments - photography - 1998/Sabará/MG/Brazil
Cine Caeté - "Digital Close-ups"- photography - 1999/Caeté/MG/Brazil
Abaporu School - professor colletive - photography and digital engraving - 1999/BH/MG/Brazil
MIS - "Minas:minas" -  colletive photographers of MG - 1999/SP/SP/Brazil